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Empowered Birth Hypnotherapy Program

 Transform Childbirth into a Calm and Empowered Experience in Five Sessions

Available Nationwide Virtually & 
In-person in Westchester, NY

Find Peace and Power in Your Birthing Experience

Entering motherhood is a profound transformation, and amidst the anticipation, your mind weaves stories about childbirth fed by sources that may not reflect your own strength and resilience. Dear mothers of Westchester and New York State, you're here because you yearn for a birthing experience that mirrors the serenity of your yoga practice, the depth of your connections, and the nurturance you so lovingly provide.

What is Childbirth Hypnotherapy?

Childbirth Hypnotherapy isn’t just about learning to relax—it’s about learning to unlock your own natural ability to soothe and control your body and mind during labor:

  • You're the Hypnotist: You'll learn how to put yourself into a state of deep calm on your terms, whenever you need it.

  • Letting Go: Shed the weight of worries and the "what ifs" that cloud your anticipation of childbirth.

  • Steering the Ship: Feel the reins of control firmly in your hands, empowering you to navigate labor confidently.

  • Changing the Story on Pain: Re-frame your body's sensations, making discomfort a far less daunting part of your journey.

Get ready to meet labor head-on with calmness and confidence, and flip the script on birth to one that you write!

Understanding Childbirth Hypnosis

What Is It?

Childbirth hypnosis is a compassionate approach designed to prepare you mentally and physically for labor. It helps reduce anxiety and manage pain through deep relaxation and mental conditioning techniques that tap into the power of your subconscious mind.

What To Expect

Seamless Skill-Building
  • Series of Five Sessions: Progress through a specially tailored program, with each hypnotherapy session building upon the last.

  • Deepen Relaxation: Learn and refine relaxation techniques to maintain calm during the intensity of labor.

  • Pain Management Tools: Acquire natural methods to address and ease the sensations of childbirth.

Empowered Birthing Experience
  • Subconscious Activation: Unlock the innate strength and serenity within your subconscious for a more controlled and positive birthing process.

  • Anxiety Alleviation: Gain strategies to alleviate fears and embrace childbirth with a serene mindset.

  • Increased Confidence: Cultivate confidence as you approach your childbirth experience, feeling prepared and supported.


Woman ready for childbirth hypnosis

Why It Matters

The Childbirth Hypnosis program is more than just sessions; it's an investment in your well-being and empowerment during one of life’s most significant moments. It’s about turning apprehension into tranquility, ensuring that you feel seen, heard, and profoundly supported throughout your journey into motherhood!

Pregnant Woman in Yoga Pose

Whats Included

Customized Hypnotherapy Sessions

  • Five-Step Hypnosis Series: Navigate through my sequential program, gaining strength and serenity with each step.

  • At-Home Practice Recordings: Solidify your skills, build confidence, and deepen your peaceful mindset with recordings tailored for your journey.

Always Prepared, Whatever Your Path

  • Epidural & C-Section Specific Recordings: Here, every birth journey is honored. Access dedicated recordings to maintain tranquility, whether you opt for an epidural or require a C-section.

What Childbirth Hypnosis Entails


Understanding and Personal Vision: 

Our first steps involve delving into your unique perspective on pregnancy and childbirth. We'll address any concerns and cultural expectations that may shape your view, encouraging a positive mindset. Together, we will craft an inspiring vision of your ideal birth, using these powerful images to positively influence your subconscious throughout hypnotherapy.


Developing Skills and a Birth Plan: 

As we progress, we will collaborate to create a comprehensive birth plan that reflects your desires for your birthing atmosphere and outlines the support you'll have from your birth partner. Essential skills in self-hypnosis and effective pain management techniques will be taught, providing both you and your partner with the tools to navigate labor with ease and confidence.


Practice and Preparation: 

To reinforce your newfound abilities, we'll provide recordings from our sessions to support your at-home practice, ensuring that you continue to foster resilience and serenity as your special day draws near.


Focused Sessions for Mother and Partner: 

The initial three sessions will be intimately focused on you, the mother-to-be, personalizing our approach and laying the groundwork for a serene birthing experience. In the final two sessions, your birth partner will join us to solidify a united front of support and readiness for the arrival of your little one.

Newspaper that signals research about hypno birthing

Research and Results

A study conducted by the Australian Society of Anaesthetists and similar organizations concluded significant benefits of antenatal self-hypnosis, including less use of epidurals and reduced augmentation need.

The data strongly supports the effectiveness of hypnosis in childbirth, aligning with our experiences and the positive outcomes we've helped women achieve.

Start Your Journey Today

If you are ready to embrace a unique and enriching childbirth experience with benefits rooted in solid research, our tailored hypnotherapy for labor and childbirth is the perfect choice.


Beginning as early as 25 weeks, or as late as 32 weeks, our sessions are designed to bring peace and empowerment to you and your family! 


Give your baby—and yourself—a gift of love and comfort.

Contact me to schedule your sessions and transform anticipation into action!


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