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Therapy for the Overextended Individual

The Balancing Act of Generosity and Personal Empowerment

Finding Your Equilibrium: Virtually in New York, In-Person in Westchester

A Sanctuary To Simply Be

Do you find yourself perennially checking off boxes but feeling a sense of emptiness? Have you ever felt that your life is an ongoing performance where every act demands an encore? It might be time to rewrite the script.

The Conversation Starts Here

"I did everything 'right,' so why does it feel so wrong?"

You’re the cornerstone—the reliable one in your career, your social circles, your family. Yet amidst all this, where is the space for your own voice, to nurture your spirit, to comfort your heart? Recognize these signs?

  • Always surpassing expectations yet left with a feeling of insufficiency

  • Striving for fulfillment in your relationships while keeping up appearances

  • Chasing personal and professional goals, only to find yourself depleted

You are not alone. Offering yourself a space thats yours isn't just necessary; it's your right. Together, let's rediscover your voice.

therapy for empaths in new york

Begin Your Journey to Self-Discovery

"Reaching out for help is unfamiliar—I’m usually the helper, not the one being helped."

It's important to recognize this truth: Your value goes beyond your role as a helper. You are worthy of care and love for simply being you—authentic and real. Let's journey toward embracing and taking care of yourself. Along the way, we will:

Explore Your Past:

Discover Your Why: Delve into the origins of your self-imposed expectations. Together, we'll find the 'why' behind your unwavering dedication and locate the spaces in your life that allow for rejuvenation.

Revisit Your Roles: Reflect on the many hats you've worn, some assumed too early, some that no longer fit. Now's the time to discover and acknowledge who you are beyond these roles.

Identify the Root Causes:

Visit Your Past: We'll seek understanding about how your past has shaped who you are today. In a warm and gentle exploration, let's reveal the experiences that contribute to your feelings of disconnection, weaving the beautiful and complex tapestry that is 'you.'

Find What Truly Matters:

Embrace the Authentic 'You': We'll meet the you that remains when you set aside life's medals and titles. We'll foster the bravery to express your needs, forge meaningful connections, and draw boundaries with kind intention.

Step forward into a journey rooted in self-awareness, where each step affirmatively shapes a transformative path.

Find Your Inner Peace

Therapy for Self-Compassion and Confidence

"I want to feel confident and at peace but I have no idea how to get there"

Are you longing for confidence and serenity but feel lost on how to achieve it? Redirect the love and dedication you put into others back toward nurturing your own well-being. It's time to transform the energy you use to accommodate everyone's needs into empowering your own presence. Join our guided journey towards reclaiming your inner peace and cultivating self-compassion:

Embrace the Authentic You: Self-Discovery Therapy
  • Embrace Personal Growth: Let go of past roles and embrace genuine self-discovery to welcome the person you truly are.

  • Deeper Conversations: Through our self-discovery therapy sessions, dive into the heart of what makes you, you—surpassing everyday small talk and reaching profound truths.

Build Self-Compassion: Mindfulness and Confidence Building
  • Mindfulness Practice: Shift from self-criticism to mindfulness and self-compassion, honoring the strength within.

  • Overcome Self-Care Guilt: It's time to release the guilt associated with putting yourself first and truly embrace the care you provide to others.

Achieve Life Balance: Strategies for a Harmonious Life
  • Lifestyle Balance: Envision and work towards a balanced life where your happiness and wellness are as treasured as your professional and social achievements.

  • Holistic Wellness: Together, we'll craft a holistic approach to life prioritizing mental health, emphasizing peace and satisfaction as much as accomplishments.

Every step of this journey is intentional, fostering acknowledgment and self-care, leading you towards your goals of inner peace and fulfillment. Start your path to a balanced, serene life with therapy tailored to high-achievers, people-pleasers, and perfectionists in need of self-compassion.

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Deepen Your Relationships 

Building  Meaningful Connections in Therapy

Nurturing Connections Beyond Perfectionism or Pleasing Others

Does this hit close to home? You're in good company. You are used to doing is it all, but what if I told you, that this was costing you the joy of deep, personal relationships that pour into you as much as you pour into them. Therapy can offer a supportive path, designed specially for people like you who are learning to embrace life's imperfections. Here's how we can journey together:

Addressing Loneliness: Personal Growth and Connection Therapy
  • Break Down Walls: In our therapy sessions, learn to dismantle the emotional barriers that shield yet separate you, creating avenues for genuine, supportive relationships. Those walls have protected you and have good intentions, but its time that we build trust in yourself, and let them down.

Redefining Success: Life Balance Therapy
  • Life Beyond the Checklist: Move beyond the habitual 'to-do' lists with life balance therapy, embracing the richness of life's moments and finding fulfillment in the present.

Personal Healing Therapy: Addressing Past Trauma
  • Ground-Up Healing: Engage in personal healing therapy that addresses complicated past experiences with compassion and care, fostering recovery and growth from your roots. We will go at your comfort level and your speed.

This journey invites you to tap into the power of vulnerability, enabling you to build connections that nurture and enrich your life. Through personalized therapy, step out of the shadow of performance and into the warmth of authentic relationships.


If this speaks to you, seize the opportunity for transformation. Offering in-person therapy in Westchester, New York, and virtual therapy throughout New York State, there's a path to deeper connections ready for you!

Begin Building Deeper Connections - Schedule Your Therapy Session Now

Embrace Your Story
Begin Your Journey of Self-Discovery Today

Take the lead in a story where your well-being is the star. Let's step into a journey of renewal together!

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