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About Reflect and Restore Therapy

Welcome to Reflect and Restore Therapy

Whether you're seeking deeper fulfillment, peaceful childbirth, renewed partnership, the courage to prioritize your needs, or are driven by the belief that there's just more to life than this, I am here! In a warm, judgment-free environment, let's start your journey together!

Who am I?

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Well, that's a question for therapy, isn't it? 

But let's skip the couch and get to the point!

I'm Erin, a therapist, hypnotherapist, and human who works in person in Westchester and via Zoom! Therapy is more than a job to me—it's a deep privilege and honor that gives me purpose, inspiration, and wisdom daily. There's nothing better than sitting front-row to your 'aha!' moments, watching you find comfort in their own skin, and seeing you couples reignite your spark that once seemed lost! 

So, with that, I thank you! I thank you for showing up to the session, trusting me to sit alongside you in the process, and bravely going there week after week!

With warmth and gratitude, 

Erin Weinstein

Who I Serve:

Men Redefining Success:

​​Society's blueprint for the 'ideal man' can be smothering. That steadfast provider image with a career at its peak, coupled with a stoic demeanor, can drain you. Here, in Rye, NY, let's redefine success on your terms and discover joy beyond those expectations.

Couples Seeking Harmony:

That magic you once had? It's still there, flickering beneath the surface. Let's clear away the hurt and allow it to shine again.

Expectant Mothers:

The journey to motherhood is laced with anticipation and anxiety, but nestled within is a desire for peace. Let's sculpt a narrative of strength and calm as you approach this profound life change.

Empathetic Givers:

You're the rock for everyone else, often ignoring your own needs. Let's courageously explore those deep-seated emotions and desires – guilt-free – in a space where your compassionate heart is valued and celebrated.

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How I Support Your Growth:

For Men Redefining Success in Westchester: 

Feeling the weight of societal expectations? Let's take a step back together. I'm here to help you recalibrate your life’s priorities, stripping away those layers of 'shoulds' and 'musts' to unveil what truly resonates with you. We'll challenge the age-old scripts about manhood and build a vision that aligns with your authentic self.

For Couples Seeking Deeper Connection Across New York:

Dedicated to mending the emotional rifts, we celebrate the strength of love that remains. Your partnership deserves a foundation of trust, and together, we'll nurture a relationship where closeness and understanding are rejuvenated.

For Expectant Mothers Nationwide:

Wherever you are on this globe, the path to motherhood is one of transformation and new beginnings. Together, let's shift the pregnancy narrative from anxiety to empowerment, crafting an experience filled with confidence and inner peace as you step into this exciting chapter of life.

For Empathetic Givers Seeking Self-Compassion:

It's time to turn some of that care inward. If you're tirelessly there for everyone else, let's reserve a space just for you — a space to honor your vulnerabilities and redefine self-care. We'll embrace what makes you unique and find joy in expressing who you are!

My Approach

Parts Work:

Ever felt torn, like part of you is the life of the party, but another part craves solitude? That's where 'parts work' comes in. We'll get to know these sides of you, giving each a name, a voice, and a place at the table without letting them define your entire story.


EFT (Emotionally Focused Therapy):

Imagine you're on a dance floor with your partner, but instead of moving in sync, you're stepping on each other's toes. EFT helps choreograph a new dance of intimacy and support, shifting from a tangle of missteps to graceful harmony.


Picture a moment of stress—your mind's racing like a subway train at rush hour. Through mindfulness, we'll slow that train down, finding calm in the chaos and transforming rush hour into a moment of tranquil reflection.


Think of a stubborn habit as a locked door to a better you. Hypnotherapy is about finding the key to your subconscious, turning the lock, and opening the door to lasting change, all while you're comfortably in control.

My Way

The Session Experience

Imagine settling into a cozy space, much like a coffee chat with a close confidant who genuinely gets you—compassionate, curious, and with a sprinkle of the mystical. It's a setting where you can unburden, gaining clarity and understanding in a cocoon of empathy and warmth.

Expertise Meets Empathy

Grounded in the foundations of NYU's School of Social Work and enriched by the nuanced practices from the Hypnosis Motivational Institute, I am equipped to be your guide. My extensive EFT training has refined my ability to foster enduring relationships and is complemented by the diverse insights I gained at Indiana University-Bloomington.

Are You Ready to Connect, Grow, and Thrive?

At Reflect and Restore Therapy in Rye, NY, I am Erin Weinstein, here to help you explore 'Who am I?' and 'Who can we become together?'

Your next chapter awaits, and if you're ready to turn the page, I'm here to start this journey with you!

A Note on Fees

I'm pleased to accept Aetna insurance and offer sliding scale rates to meet the varying financial needs of my clients. Individual and couples sessions are available at $200.
Most clients are eligible for reimbursement, and to simplify this process, I've partnered with Mentaya to help you effortlessly confirm your out-of-network coverage.

Discover how you can manage the financial aspects of your therapy journey here:

When you're ready

I am here

Currently accepting clients in: 
Rye, New York, and Virtually

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