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Change Your Life With this Bedtime Routine!

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

A little tip for you guys!

The thirty minutes between wake and sleep each night are powerful to change the core beliefs about who you are and what you deserve that you hold in your subconscious mind.

Why is this?

Our mind's critical filter separates our conscious and subconscious minds. Our conscious mind takes up 12% of our minds and houses willpower, motivation, logic, and reasoning, while our subconscious mind houses our "knowns" that we learned from ages 0 to 8. To change some of those knowns that we learned as children, we need to bypass the critical filter of the mind to enter the subconscious. When we are between wake and sleep, our brain waves slow down as we enter a state of relaxation. Our defenses and inhibitions are lower, and we can accept new information more easily. During this time, our brains have a more challenging time deciphering what is known vs. unknown.

Pre-bed affirmations WORK because our minds are motivated to validate our own beliefs. If we believe that we will never find love or get the promotion we crave, chances are we subconsciously acting to make our belief accurate. If we change our beliefs about ourselves and what we deserve, we can watch our life change before our eyes!

How to use this knowledge to your advantage?

Each night when you go to sleep, write down three affirmations or beliefs you wish you held as if you DO hold them. Through this exercise,

you are rewiring your brain to accept these beliefs as truths. Bedtime affirmations are a potent tool for those of us who find ourselves self-sabotaging. (Which is most of us because we are human!)

The key to these affirmations is to word them in the PRESENT tense and in a POSITIVE way. Our subconscious minds are much more receptive to positive suggestions and cannot tell the difference between past, present, and future.


Let's say you want a relationship but are finding yourself pushing away potential partners.

Your affirmation could read: "I am open to finding love wherever I go."

Let's say you logically understand why you should be confident, but you struggle with self-esteem.

Your affirmation could read: "I am enough."

Let's say you want to lose weight but find yourself in a binging cycle.

Your affirmation could read: "Losing weight is natural for me."


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