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Finding Serenity in Motion: How A Rocking Chair Supports ADHD Wellness

At Reflect and Restore Therapy, nestled in the heart of Rye, I've discovered a unique tool that offers solace amidst the challenges of ADHD: a comforting rocking chair!

Rocking chair that helps with ADHD

Sensory Regulation:

The gentle, repetitive motion of the rocking chair helps soothe and calm the nervous system, providing a safe haven for clients to find respite from sensory overload and stress.

Enhanced Focus and Attention:

During therapy sessions, whether one-on-one or with couples, the rhythmic motion of the rocking chair engages the vestibular system, promoting increased focus and attention. It's remarkable to witness clients becoming more present and engaged in their therapeutic journey as they embrace the sensory stimulation offered by the rocking chair.

Stress Relief and Emotional Well-being:

Integrating regular rocking chair sessions into therapy has proven invaluable for stress relief and emotional well-being. Research supports that rocking motion triggers the release of endorphins, reducing feelings of anxiety and tension. In my Rye office, I strive to create a safe and supportive environment where clients can explore their emotions and experiences while embracing the calming effects of the rocking chair.

Supporting Executive Functioning:

Beyond its physical comfort, the rocking chair serves as a tool for enhancing executive functioning. By stimulating brain regions involved in cognitive control and decision-making, the gentle rocking motion helps clients improve impulse control and decision-making abilities. Whether we're processing past traumas or setting goals for the future, the rocking chair provides a supportive space for growth and development.

At Reflect and Restore Therapy, my mission is to empower individuals with ADHD on their journey towards self-discovery and healing. The rocking chair nestled in my Rye office, symbolizes a commitment to creating a nurturing environment where clients can find serenity in motion!




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